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Bizarre & Extreme Ways People Have Tried To Stay Thin

By Nia

Losing weight has been the biggest challenge for most of us and some people opt for the weirdest tricks to lose weight. But how safe and healthy do you think these tricks are?

It is, therefore, important to check with your nutritionist and fitness expert before adopting a weight loss regime. In this article, we are sharing some of the most bizarre and weird ways that people have tried to stay thin.

Go ahead and read them.


The Air Diet!

This bizarre diet became popular in France. The air diet is nothing but a fancy term for starving yourself. The bizarre trick to train your brain to think that you have eaten the meal is by going through the motions of preparing a meal or setting the table, and even smelling the food!


Injecting Insulin

Most of the time people have tried to inject themselves with insulin in an attempt to lower their blood sugar and break down their fat instead of carbohydrates. Doctors have revealed that using insulin injections is extremely dangerous and this can lead to the development of diabetes even in a non-diabetic!


Waist Wrapping

Waist wrapping has been an age-old practice where people wrap their bellies in plastic. This is done to sweat out the excess liquid weight from the body. Experts reveal that excessive sweating can be unhealthy for the body as it can result in severe dehydration, nausea and even heatstroke as well.


Sleeping Beauty Diet

In this beauty diet trick, when the person begins to get hungry, all that they need to do is just pop some sleeping pills and pass out! Since the person sleeps he/she can't eat.


Baby Food Diet

Research reveals that one serving of baby food contains around 20 to 100 calories. So people who trick themselves to stay thin are often seen eating a couple of jars each day instead of a regular meal. As a result, this causes people to shed weight rather quickly.

But unfortunately, they do not realise that eating baby food can often result in nutritional imbalance and they might struggle to get the right amount of proteins, fibre and other important minerals needed by the body.

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