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A Doctor Was Addicted To Meth For 9 Long Years!

By Nia

Trying out drugs to get a kick is no fun as you would not realise when and how you would get addicted to it! Here is the case of a doctor who got introduced to meth as he was keen on being energetic during the long shifts that he was serving at the hospital.

Soon, he realised he was addicted to meth and he could not get rid of it for years. Check out the entire case as he shared his confession with the world to warn people about how dangerous drugs could be.

Dr Sasitharan Ayanai is a 39-year-old doctor at a government hospital in Malaysia. Dr Ayanai got addicted to meth nine years ago. This was the time when he was coping with long-hour shifts. There were times when he would get busy with a 48-hour-long shift where he did not get proper rest.

He revealed that he was looking for a way to boost his energy levels to cope with his busy life. This is when he was introduced to methamphetamine, and since he was a doctor, he believed that he could control his intake of meth and would not become addicted to it. Unfortunately, he was wrong.

Confessing about his addiction, Dr Ayanai revealed that he is still struggling to stay clean even on this day! He revealed that since was stressed during his initial days at work, he was introduced to methamphetamine. The intake was helpful as it was the booster that he needed for his long working hours.

It took 6 years for him to realize how bad his addiction was. This is when he voluntarily checked himself into a drug rehab centre. While he was undergoing the treatment, he actually became the house doctor there. He was even successful in keeping himself away from meth while he was at the hospital. But he relapsed into drug addiction and the struggle still continues.

The doctor confessed that even though the drug gave him the energy he needed, it also had its share of side effects that eventually impacted his personal and social life. He revealed how he would get angry for no reason and even experience sudden mood swings. The drug impact was so much that he had even called off his wedding just 20 days before it was supposed to take place.

We just hope that the doctor's fight to get rid of his addiction will become successful.

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