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Drinking Extra Sweet Coffee From His Crush’s Cafe Left Him Diabetic

By Nia

Chasing the love of your dreams is quite a task, especially when it is love at first sight. There are so many instances where people have tried doing some of the most unexpected things, just to grab the attention of the other person.

In a recent chat thread on a Taiwan social media, a man shared his unusual experience of how falling in love made him diabetic!

Check out the details of this unusual case.

The man posted his ordeal on a popular Taiwan forum, Dcard. He claimed he fell in love with the girl two years ago. The girl was working at the store 7-Eleven which was located near his house. But since he was shy, he did not know how to approach her.

Netizens found his post to be an inspirational story initially as he had titled it by saying, "When we guys are chasing a girl, we guys need to depend on our perseverance to get the girl of our dreams."

He had an unusual idea to make her notice him. Hence, he decided to buy coffee from her shop every day. Though buying coffee every day from your regular store would not fetch much attention, the man decided to make sure the girl remembered him. He made his order a little special by requesting her to add five spoonfuls of sugar into his coffee.

When the girl heard his request for the extra amount of sugar, she was surprised and made a remark, "Wouldn't this be too sweet?". The man took no time and replied in a cool way, and told her, "Not as sweet as you!"

When the girl heard this she gave a shy smile and he walked away with a swagger. Since that day, the man claimed that he bought a cup of coffee every day without fail from her and he drank it with 5 spoons of sugar too!

Hey, if you thought that their story would have a happy ending, then you are wrong my friend. In the last sentence of the post the man wrote. "Two years later, I got diabetes," he said.

Netizens who read the plot were shocked at the end after he confessed about becoming diabetic. While some were rather amused by the way the guy explained his situation. Unfortunately, the man did not reveal if the chase was worth it.

What is the most extreme step that you can take to impress your partner? Share your thoughts with us.

Story first published: Friday, July 5, 2019, 16:20 [IST]