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Gelatin-Injected Shrimps Are Being Sold In China

While organic foods are the latest fad, there is quite a risk involved at the same time as sellers tend to fool their customers by tricking them with the products.

One such is this case where sellers are fooling their buyers into buying shrimp that looks healthy and juicy. A close look at the shrimp reveals the dark practice of injecting it with gelatin!

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A Woman Found Out Gelatin-Filled Shrimps

A woman was peeling the fresh shrimps that she had bought. She was horrified when she realised that the head of the giant tiger shrimp that she had purchased was stuffed with translucent gelatin.


This Is Not The First Instance...

According to reports, this is not the first time that the Chinese have found jelly-like substances in shrimps. It is reported that this practice has been happening in different parts of China, especially since 2012.


Injecting Gelatin Is Done For Many Purposes

Since shrimps are shrivelled and dry after defrosting, sellers tend to pump the shrimps with gelatin to make them look healthy, plumper and even fresher! On the other hand, the gelatin provides additional 20 to 30 per cent of the original weight, which adds more moolah to the sellers!


The Only Fear...

The only fear the customers are left with is to find out whether the shrimps that contain gelatin can be consumed by humans. Because, the cheap industrial gelatin is harmful for consumption.

The choice is left to the customers - whether to go ahead and still relish these shrimps or just give them up!

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