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Cat Chews Owner’s Earphones And Brings Back A Snake To Apologise

Bringing up a pet is a big responsibility and their antics would sometimes leave us in splits!

Here is one such case of a cute little cat who seems to be really guilty for chewing up its owner's earphones.

Check out what it does to apologise to its owner!


The Cat Bit The Earphones

The owner shared his story on a Facebook page where he explained on how the cat had accidentally bitten the earphones and he scolded the little cute cat.


His Post Read...

Haryanto Pherwhirra Ramadhani, who hails from Indonesia, has posted on the Facebook page,‘Kami Pecinta Kucing',about the entire episode. The post read: "Earlier today, the cat was playing with my earphones on my bed when it accidentally bit it into two pieces. I scolded the cat and it left the house after that. When it came home one hour later, the cat brought a gift for me."


The Cat Had Got Him An Apologetic Gift

The apologetic cat had apparently brought back a small, thin snake and dropped it in front of him. The netizens were amused by the cat's gesture and revealed said that the snake was actually a cute apology gift.


The Post Has Gone Viral

Since the time the owner posted about the cat's antics, the post has gone viral and has over 6,600 shares.

What do you think of this cute cat's gesture? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Story first published: Wednesday, May 8, 2019, 12:55 [IST]