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When A Donkey Was Painted Black And White To Fool The Zoo Visitors!

If a person wishes to fool others, he will try his best to make a foolproof plan.

Fooling people can be called a creative task, as misleading people is not an easy task! Here is one such example where people were tried to be fooled by zoo staff when they tried to make a donkey look like a zebra!

This may sound like a joke, but it is a fact that a zoo in Egypt tried to fool its visitors by making a donkey look like a zebra, but unfortunately, this act of the zoo authorities was caught by the smart visitors.

The zoo staff had painted the donkey with white and black stripes, and the paint was wearing off.

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Check on more details of this bizarre incident.

A Picture Was Posted On Social Media

A student named Mahmoud A. Sarhani, who is a Cairo student had recently been to the zoo and posted a picture of a strange-looking zebra.

Not only did the animal have typically long ears, it also had strange paint smeared all over its body.

A closer investigation revealed that this zebra additionally did not have the distinctive mane of its species, which extends past the ears.

It was the zoo staff who had painted a regular donkey with stripes and trimmed its mane to make it to look pointy and tried to pass it off as a zebra!

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The moment people realised that the zebra was fake and was nothing more than a donkey, many people shared the post. While some laughed at the entire scene, others reacted angrily as they felt the animal was hurt with the chemicals of the paint used on its body.

What is your reaction?

Check the entire post here.

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Story first published: Friday, July 27, 2018, 18:35 [IST]
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