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Video Of Crows Having Sex With A Dead Crow!

A research was conducted to study the behaviour of "ravens" or crows in other words. It is believed that the birds just like other animals tend to grieve over the dead by calling out their mates.

However, in this research, it was discovered that the crows have an unusual behaviour where they tend to copulate with the corpse of the dead crow!

The detailed study revealed that crows engage in necrophilia, which means sexual intercourse with the corpses.

Find out more about this bizarre behaviour of the birds as it amuses most of us.

The Entire Episode Was Recorded

A researcher named 'Kaeli Swift' who lead this research had laid a dead crow under a tree to find out about the behaviour of the crows. Swift's earlier research had shown that crows conduct "funerals" as they gather around the corpses of their peers and this is what they wanted to study in detail.

However, They Were Taken Aback!

However, what the scientists observed about the behaviour of the crows left them baffled as they saw the crows copulating with the corpse of the crow that they had kept!

The Behaviour Was Unusual, The Experts Revealed

As the researchers were watching the unusual behaviour, they noticed that the crow did not caw initially when it saw the corpse and instead flew down and perched on the corpse and in the usual manner of mating, it drooped its wings and erected its tail, and strut in the way, just the way when crows do when they are about to mate.

Some Of The Crew Was Confused

The crew that was recording this research were confused, and they earnestly asked Swift if the living crow was giving the corpse a CPR (since it looked like that)!

Swift's Research Revealed A Detailed Report Of The Behaviour Of Crows

According to Swift, in her blog, she revealed some of the details about the crows' behaviour. She revealed that in about 24 per cent of the cases, something seemed to overwhelm the emotions and instincts and the birds as they would touch, pull, drag, or peck at the corpses. On the other hand, in 4 per cent of the cases, these encounters turned sexual."

The research is still going on and many more experts are seen to study why the crows have this kind of behaviour. In the meantime, you can check out the video.

For more exciting and bizarre happenings around the world, you can check our section Pulse for more exciting updates.

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