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Video Of Dog Playing Dead Is Funny As His Best Buddy Freaks Out

Dogs are known to be man's best friend. In many ways they have proved that they can be best friends. However, after watching this clip, we firmly believe that a dog is also a dog's best friend. The video reveals that even though dogs cannot express their emotions verbally, dogs still worry and know how to communicate.

In one viral video, we see a Boxer named Archie stand above Jack, his brother by conviction, as he lay with his back on the floor and pretended to be dead.

Are you wondering why? Well, that is because Jack is the older brother and, according to Sam, the owner, among the two dogs Jack has learned how to trick his baby brother off - by playing dead, and he does this very convincingly.

As seen in the video, Jack's act of playing dead is so perfect, that big pup Archie doesn't know how to cope with this situation, as he sees his best friend lying seemingly lifeless on the floor.

Poor Archie is seen yelping, barking and crying in distress, while the naughty Jack sprawls on the floor and lays motionless.

This beautiful video of playful dogs has been retweeted more than 13,000 times.

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