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She Kept Her Mother’s Dead Body To Learn About The Different Stages Of Death

From possessing drugs to running motels, there are many reasons why people can get caught.

But there are those individuals who forget that possessing a dead body is also considered to be a crime!

This is the case of a woman who held on to her dead mum's body for months together.

She claimed that she wanted to learn about the death stages of an individual. Check out the bizarre case and its details.


She Let The Cat Out

Donna Sue Hudgins visited a funeral home after months of her mother's death. She had apparently reported that her mother had died that very morning and she did not know where the EMS had taken the body to and hence left the place.

Things That Happen To You After Death


The Funeral Home People Rang The Police

When the funeral home people heard her case, they were worried, and they rang the police who later made a horrific discovery that the woman was already dead.


The Police Paid A Welfare Check

Just to make sure that the woman was found, the cops had to do a welfare check where they discovered the decomposed body of the mother which was lying at the residence for months.

Living With Dead Bodies Is A Tradition Here


She Claimed She Wanted To Study The Phases Of Death

When police confronted Donna Sue Hudgins about her mother's death, the woman's answer left them baffled as she confessed that she wanted to learn about the different stages of death. Hence, she was monitoring her dead mother's corpse for months.


She Is Being Charged

The relatives of the deceased are shocked at how they were fooled for months by Donna Sue Hudgins as she refused to let them pay visits to their house and claimed that her mother was sleeping. While few argue that the woman was doing this to claim her dead mother's welfare funds, there are those who are assuming that the woman needed medical help.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 27, 2018, 15:08 [IST]
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