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Woman Ends Up With An Eyebrow Pencil Stuck In Her Eye After The Car Crashes

How many of you have seen the episode of Mr. Bean where he decides to change his clothes in a moving car?

Well, we cannot deny that with our busy schedules, some of us do the final touches to our makeup while travelling. It can either be an extra touch-up of the lipstick or the blush, and many girls would agree to have done this.

But, this case of a girl who was unlucky in a way got an eyebrow pencil etched in her eye socket when the cab she was travelling in met with an accident!

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Though the details of the incident are horrific and can make the girls never want to experiment with their makeup in a moving car, it is an eye-opener for some of us at least.

More details about the unfortunate accident that left the girl almost blind are given below.

She Was On Her Way To Meet Her Friends

The woman passenger whose identity was not revealed was sitting in the back of the cab in a slow-moving traffic jam in Bangkok, Thailand. This is when she decided to give herself the final touch of makeup and started applying eyeliner on the way to see her friends.

Unfortunately, The Cab Crashed

Even though the cab was moving slowly, the cab driver seemed to be in a hurry, as he crashed into a pick-up truck that was standing in front of it and, as a result, the woman jolted forward. She hit the seat in front. She accidentally thrust the pencil into her left eye socket.

She Was Lucky Indeed!

The woman was fortunate to recover from the horrific accident, as it was reported that the stick had just missed the vital parts of her eye and her sight was confirmed as being unaffected, by the doctors. However, the girl's nose gushed with blood after she plunged half the pencil into her eye socket, which seemed to be quite painful.

The Medics Removed It

The woman was all conscious when the medics removed the pencil from her eye socket. The pencil had gone through the sclera (the white part of the eye), and they had managed to safely remove the pencil during surgery.

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This Should Be An Example For Women To Be Warned!

Though the woman was lucky enough to escape from any hazardous life-changing injury, this should not be ignored and instead it should be a warning to women who do their makeup while cars are still running, because accidents can happen anytime.

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Story first published: Friday, June 15, 2018, 10:18 [IST]
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