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Pornhub Offers Premium Access To Cities That Sound Dirty!

The world's most popular adult website - Pornhub is always known for its tongue-in-cheek sense of humour. The site is not only famous for its content, but for also for its marketing stunts, which can gain anybody's attention!

Currently, Pornhub is running an offer in which it is requesting people from across the world to come forward and register their place's name if the city has a double meaning to it!

Find out more details about the same below.


The Valentine's Day Offer

Pornhub has always been known for its cheeky offers, as they come up with some of the best marketing stunts. On Valentine's day, the great adult site offered all users free access to its premium section for the entire day. These types of offers keep changing, event and occasion wise.

They Decided To Play The Saviour

Since they helped out the singletons on the Valentine's day, they decided to play saviour to another unfortunate group, which is none other than the residents of towns which had unintentionally double-meaning names to it.


There Are So Many Such Places!

The site is all set to offer the residents of these towns FREE access to its premium section for life. When they ran the campaign, they realised there are so many such cities and towns that have unintentional double meaning names to their credit.


There Is An Indian Town As Well!

Though there have been numerous cities that have registered themselves, the site on its end has shortlisted 50 locations from across the world for this offer. The 50 cities include exactly one Indian city.


The Indian City Is…

The proud city of India is none other than "Cumbum" in Tamil Nadu. There is another city with the same name in Andhra Pradesh, but then Pornhub selected the one in Tamil Nadu.

So, people out there can go ahead and chill with the new offer around the world, especially if their city has a double-meaning name to it.

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Story first published: Friday, March 30, 2018, 16:19 [IST]
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