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Myths About Solar Eclipse And Friday The 13th That People Believe In!

Solar Eclipse on Friday the 13th: What does it mean? | Boldsky

With the partial solar eclipse and Friday the 13th falling on the same day, this is the day when people tend to believe in certain myths, and this is something that has been going on for years now.

So, here we at Boldsky are all set to decode the myths about solar eclipse and also the unlucky Friday the 13th.

We are here to share some of the myths that people generally follow religiously during the solar eclipse. Check them out.

Solar Eclipse To Darken Skies On Friday The 13th

Solar Eclipse Is Likely To Harm Pregnant Women

According to science, the researchers reveal that solar eclipse does not create or cause any deformity in the foetus. The solar eclipse does not harm the mother. The superstition of the pregnant women undergoing any surgery during this phase is entirely baseless.

Food Cooked During Solar Eclipse Has Germs!

We bet, this belief would have been started by men/women who were lazy to cook during this phase! Because there is no scientific reasoning that defines the myth of germs found in food that was prepared during the time of solar eclipse.

Stay Indoors During Solar Eclipse

This is a total myth as scientists have rubbished the theory of people staying indoors during the solar eclipse as they feared getting affected by the rays and energies during this phase. The scientists have specifically asked people to shed such superstitions.

Watching The Eclipse From The Kitchen Window Is Considered Auspicious!

This is one of the ridiculous myths that people believe in. By holding the sieve just above the ground, you need to tilt the strainer towards the sun, and the image of the sun can be seen forming. This was one of the old ways in which people used to watch the solar eclipse. The link with the kitchen logic seems to be baseless.

On the other hand, the myths about Friday the 13th are:

• If a child is born on Friday 13th, then he/she would lead an unhappy life.
• Starting a long journey on Friday 13th can be troublesome.
• If you cut your hair or nails on Friday, the 13th it can cause death in a family.
• Apart from this, if a funeral passes by your side, then you would be the next to die.

July 13th, 2018: Partial Solar Eclipse Brings In The Worst Effects On Zodiacs

Well, these are all just misconceptions, and nothing of this is right.

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