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Real Life Story Of A Man Who Walked 14 Miles To First Day At Work & Was Gifted A Car By The CEO

Alabama में Employee 32 Km पैदल चलकर पहुंचा Office, Boss ने Gift की Car | वनइंडिया हिंदी

Have you ever imagined or even believed that your hard work and sincerity could get you the best things in life?

This is one such inspirational story of a man whose good deed paid him in the best possible way.

This is the story of a man who seems to have got a reward for his dedication and sincerity at work.

The story is all about a man who was stuck in an unusual situation, yet he made the right choice of doing things, and this dedicated spirit of his was something that no man could ignore.

Here we are revealing about Walter Carr who was reporting to work for the first time on the very next day, and he realised that his car had broken down.

The man tried to fix it, but it did not start, so instead of calling his day off, the man decided to walk to his workplace which was 20 miles away.

Also, the exciting bit is that he took a nice 4 hours nap before he decided to walk to his new office.

Walter began his walk from his home at Homewood, Alabama, to the town of Pelham, Alabama, at midnight. It is reported that the man Walter is said to have easily walked up to 14 miles before police picked him up at 4 a.m.

In the post, it was revealed that the cops dropped Walter at his workplace and the police were reportedly moved by his dedication to work.

Walter's family had moved to Birmingham when they had lost their home in Hurricane Katrina.

The man's story was posted on social media and his dedication amused the owner and the employees of the company.

The CEO of the company who heard about his story took no time in gifting Walter one of his cars so that he could avoid such unnecessary hassles and work peacefully.

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