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This Guy Has Adopted A Crocodile That Is Now A Member Of The Family

We've all heard of many unusual friendship-based stories. However, a few of them tend to take things to an entire diverse level. A few people these days take care of creatures, for example, tigers, lions, and even crocodiles in this specific case!

Here is the story of a man who adopted a crocodile before it was being killed and shared the unusual behaviour of the reptile's bond with his human friend.

Even though these strange kind of friendships may appear to be irregular and even insane, by one means or another this owner and his crocodile have figured out how to make a fellowship and live together for whatever length of time it be than 20 years.

This is the story of Kojek, the crocodile who lives in a little pool of water in an Indonesian backyard. He spends his days in a bit of channel of water at the back of Irwan's garden.

In this video, it is seen how Irwan's family, which includes his three kids are allowed to play ball games on the turquoise-green clay tiles parallel to the crocodile. This seems to be a regular day for them with the croc.

Kojek according to his owner feels that his pet crocodile is not a risk to the people. In the entire time he's lived with Irwan, there have been no mischances or wounds to people in any event.

Irwan's story of how he spared this crocodile is exceptionally moving and worth hearing and seeing.

This story is genuinely one of those moving stories where A Beast and A Human have settled and have crossed all limits to demonstrate that such creature can be trained and moved towards becoming the piece of the family.

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