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He Nearly Got Crushed To Death By 3000 Pounds Of Hay

Surviving an accident is considered to be lucky, and those who cope up and recover are supposed to be legends!

Here is an example of a man who almost got crushed to death by two 1,500 pound bales of hay.

The man who is recovering is keen on dating but wished his date to know about his condition in his Tinder bio.

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Check out the details of his hilarious bio update on Tinder.


He Almost Died In An Accident

The man known as just Joe had nearly died in an accident. He is currently still looking for luck with his love life as he posted a hilarious bio on his Tinder profile.


He Was Almost Crushed To Death

Joe was almost crushed to death by two 1,500 pound bales of hay in a freak accident and said he claims to feel lucky to have survived. He revealed that he should be dead and he could still not wrap his mind around how he survived the accident.


His Bio Reads

"Sup ladies, I'm Joe, I just got crushed by 3000 pounds. Got a broken pelvis but still dtf. I do have a catheter. I don't wanna be "one of those guys" who lies about his catheter status. The catheter may be an issue, but great minds do great things. Bedbound, you literally have to do all the work. I probably can't get off.. Or get hard. But hey; great minds. Anyway, I'm here at UVA medical centre if you wanna smash".


His Profile Has Been Gaining Popularity

After Joe posted his bio details, users shared their amusement on how he survived such a freak accident.

One of the users said: "Bless his heart. Still looking to smash after being smashed."

Another commented: "Did you find a needle in there?"

We are still not sure if Joe found his date or not, but we do salute his positive attitude and wish him luck for his recovery.

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