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Did You Know The Shape Of Your Belly Can Reveal Your Personality Type?

Have you ever wondered that your personality type can be defined by the shape of any of your body parts?

Well, from the nose shape to your chin shape, to even your nail shape, one can predict the personality of a person by just looking at it.


Here, in this article, we are revealing to you about how the personality of a person can be predicted by looking at the shape of his/her belly.

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Check out on how the shape of your belly can reveal a lot about your personality type.

If You Have Type #1 Belly

If your belly is like this, then you are an individual who believes in absolute fitness. As a person, you have a regime and you tend to stick to it and the results of your discipline are visible. You are strongly driven and motivated to excel in life. On the other hand, you are patient and meticulous by nature. Apart from all this, you like to strategize and plan things in advance. You seem to drive yourself to excel and lead others as well.

If You Have Type #2 Belly

If you have type #2 belly where your stomach is flat and you may not have abs and at the same time it does not protrude, then you are said to be an individual who is positively self-confident and social in nature. You seem to be an out-going individual who has an independent personality. You seem to be intimidating at times. On the other hand, you are the sort of person who knows how to have a balanced approach in life. Apart from this, you are internally driven and you do not have people outside defining happiness for you. Your nature is what makes you approachable and your personality is welcoming in its effect.


If You Have Type #3 Belly

If you have type #3 belly, which is adrenal type, then you are said to be someone who is warm, jovial, and funny by nature. You are an individual who seems to like having a few laughs every now and then and enjoy the company of people with a cool sense of humour. On the other hand, your personality seems to be caring and you have a heart which is open to all. The one thing that describes you perfectly is the way you love people unconditionally.

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If You Have Type #4 Belly

If you have type #4 belly, which is the thyroid type, then there are chances that you enjoy having a relaxed time all by your ownself. You seem to have a laid-back attitude and also prefer having a nice conversation than being in a crowd. Further, you are someone who is not keen on judging others and you like taking your time to understand others. On the other hand, you are someone who is seen to be calm and composed in nature.

If You Have Type #5 Belly

If you have type #5 belly, which is the protruding belly, then you have a personality which is completely strong, bold, and upright. You are the type of person who says exactly what you have on your mind. You do not like mincing your words, even if it would hurt others. On the other hand, you believe in the fact that your true self is not what can be seen from the outside; but your true qualities are visible to only those you wish to be close to. Apart from this, you are an individual whose straightforward nature is what makes you a person worth respecting.

If You Have Type #6 Belly

If you have type #6 belly, which is of the ovary type, then you are the kind of person who does not give a damn about anything. You are a person who would love to do what ever you feel is right and not care about the world. As an individual, you have fought your own battles and never needed anybody's support. You totally rely on your talent and not wait for a push to move ahead in life.

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So what kind of a belly do you have? Let us know if the personality traits that define your belly shape do match.

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