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Today Google Doodle Pays Tribute To Fearless Nadia On Her 110th Birth Anniversary!

Almost each day Google Doodle makes us remind of some of the prominent people of our history. Google create doodles of people who have made a mark of themselves.

In today's doodle, one can see that Google has dedicated its doodle to Fearless Nadia. For those who are wondering who is fearless Nadia and what's her contribution to the world, then read on...


She Was Born On January 8th 1908

Mary Ann Evans was born to a Scottish father and a Greek mother in Perth in Australia. She shifted to India after her father's death and before she started working in Indian Cinema, she changed her name to Nadia. After seeing her work, she was labelled as Fearless Nadia.


Her Movie Break

She started working in Indian cinema, until she got her big break, in which she played the lead role. She was best known for portraying the masked, cloaked adventuress "Hunterwali" (a.k.a., "The Lady Hunter") in 1935, after which she acted in more than 50 films.

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She Risked Her Life Many Times…

She had worked hard to train herself as a gymnast and her graceful cartwheels, and daredevil stunts. Being fearless, she used to perform her own stunts. She risked her life several times during this process.


Her Stunts Included…

In her movies, she was seen swinging from the chandelier and jumping off cliffs to even stunning the world by fighting atop of a speeding train and befriending lions, she did all of these with great ease!


She Became The Feminist Icon

Apart from raising to fame with her daredevil stunts to her boldness, Nadia became a feminist icon with one of her dialogues that said: "Don't be under the assumption that you can lord over today's women. If the nation is to be free, women have to be freed first."

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In Today's Date

In today's date, her legacy is little-remembered by the Indian cinema. However, Nadia's work is being studied by cinema experts in various countries, including the UK's School of Oriental and African Studies.

We guess, she deserves a lot more recognition in the world of talent. What's your take on this? Let us know in the comment section below.

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