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Meet The Tantric Witch Who Uses Group Masturbation As Her Teaching

Sex is not only a physical need, it is a bond that binds two souls intimately. The connection and the bond the couple share while making love is believed to be pure.

In order to connect to your partner in the most intimate way, there are ways in which people tend to find guidance on things that can make their sex life better.

Here, in this article, we are revealing to you about a "Tantric Witch" who seems to take up the responsibility of teaching people about sex in a most unique way.

Meet Victoria Louise Smith who performs sex magic to help bring transformations in her clients' relationships.

Read on to know more details about the group masturbation and a lot more teachings of hers.

She Is...
She is Victoria Louise Smith who is 27 years old and leads sex-coaching sessions with her partner Danny. The couple performs physical demonstrations in order to help "transform relationships."

Their Goal
The couple conduct classes for those who find sex to be quite complex. They help people explore their sexuality and learn to become in tune with their bodily desires and sensations.

The 'Self Pleasure Workshops'
Victoria and her 26-year-old partner, Danny, who is a co-host of her famous 'self-pleasure workshops' teach people to explore their sexuality and learn to become in tune with their bodily desires and sensations.

The Classes Are All About...
Victoria claims that the classes help the people reach their profound orgasmic state. It can also help to awaken erectile tissue for more pleasure during sex. Victoria is also said to massage women with the aim of providing a healthy energy to them, and enable healing them.

More About The Classes
People who attend these sessions/classes are advised to bring in oil, a towel or a blanket and even a sarong! It is reported that people between the ages of 21 and 80 attend these classes and hope of learning how to physically connect with the others and transform their relationships.

More About Her Clients
Victoria focuses on working with people who suffer from a range of conditions relating to sexual trauma, sexual dysfunction and apart from that, others who are simply interested in pleasure expansion.

The Benefits That They Claim They Are Receiving
Victoria claims that there are many benefits of having the group sessions, as it helps to strengthen the bond between the women and their 'yoni', which is the other name for vaginas. It helps them learn more about sexual pleasure.

It Is A Full-time Business
The couple has taken this up as a full-time business. The mixed and single gender sessions apparently cost $65, about £37, and apart from that, Victoria is believed to verbally guide the circle through a masturbation session.

What do you think of this unique business idea? Let us know in the comment section below.

Story first published: Monday, May 28, 2018, 21:10 [IST]
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