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Beautiful Father-daughter Moment Shared During The Bride's Dance

Weddings are magical, powerful and emotional. It is very moving to see two people who love each other join together for a lifetime. Some weddings are out of the world and groundbreaking.

This is also the time when you see fathers being the most emotional as they are seen parting from the most precious things in their lives, their daughters!

Anything can trigger emotions, from seeing the bride walk down the aisle, to the first dance or even the special vows or a great speech.

In this video, the fantastic bond between the father and the little girl will move you. This wedding unquestionably astonishes the dad who experienced many feelings in a single go when his little girl played her voice recording amid their dance.

This delightful, stunning lady was excited about accomplishing something uncommon for her cherished dad on her huge day. She knew she needed to astound him, yet she couldn't make sense of what to do.

This was the point at which she concocted the plan to play a chronicle of herself, as a 3-year-old, singing amidst the melody. Her father had no clue as to what was going to happen.

The dad is seen becoming nostalgic with amazement and he begins sobbing uncontrollably. As if giving away his girl wasn't enough. His little girl had one more amazement up her sleeve.

In the video check out how the father's face changes as he hears his daughter's voice when she was just a 3-year old. The song that is being referred to is the well known from Barney, "I to love you, you adore me, we're a cheerful family".

As the dad is seen reacting to the infant's voice, it must have raised such varied feelings about how great he felt about his baby girl growing up so big! This surely is one of the fabulous memories that this dad and girl seem to share for a lifetime!

This beautiful video is an actual example that regardless of how big we all grow up, we would still depend on our parents and remain daddy's little child!

Likewise, this young lady's little sign of expressing her love did shock the dad as well as the rest too, since the video is so passionate!

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