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Elephant Stranded In An Overflowing River In Kerala Was Rescued

A video has been doing the rounds which shows an elephant stranded on a rock amidst a waterway with the water level rising each moment. Luckily, authorities reacted fast and saved the elephant.

This incident happened in the Indian territory of Kerala, which is reeling under surges and avalanches, that have been caused by substantial downpours.

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The male elephant seen in the video was without tusks. It was trying to cross the Chalakudy river when the water level began rising quickly as authorities opened the shutters of the Peringalkuthu Dam.

By the time the elephant had reached the middle of the river, the quick-moving current had made it difficult to move any further. The elephant found slippery rocks and took refuge on them.

A couple of forest officials, who were on duty, alerted their seniors who requested the engineers in charge of the dam to stop releasing water to let the elephant move to the land.

As the water level died down, the elephant crossed the waterway and vanished in the woods.

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