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Mum Shares Heartbreaking Pictures Of Baby After Dog Attack

Having a pet dog is one of the best decisions a family can take. But understanding the nature of the dog and taking care of it is quite essential.

A case of a pet dog behaving aggressively and biting a toddler girl was shared on social media by her mother as she wants the world to know how dangerous pets can turn out to be when they get furious.


Check out the details of the pet dog attacking the kid.


The Dog Was Aggressive Earlier

When Nat, the mother of the child, was pregnant, she had seen their pet Dachshund dog becoming aggressive. People had complained to the couple that their dog had been showing aggressive symptoms.


Nat Was Worried Through Her Pregnancy

Seeing their pet turn aggressive made Nat worry about the child as she was due in a few months.


The Dog Attacked Their Daughter

After their daughter was born, Nat had left the child unattended for a few minutes, and the incident happened in just a few seconds.

Daliah, the daughter, was lucky enough that she escaped with minor injuries and recovered soon. Yet, the distraught mother shared the post on her social account of Instagram.


Her Post Read

'I was preparing to be in the bathroom while Daliah was playing outside and running around the kitchen. To see him in sight, I followed him, but just a few seconds later I heard the growl and the screams. The dog suddenly lost all purity and attacked my daughter's barbarians. He did not warn before and suddenly hit Daliah, then climbed on the baby and scratched, biting in succession. I was very scared and had to wait for it to stop before pulling it away so it would not tear her face. '

She further added: 'The dog has been aggressive in the past, even biting a lot of people, so I was very worried during my pregnancy about how it might hurt her. He still does not care about my daughter. It never grows or becomes aggressive with the baby until about two weeks before Daliah tries to grab a toy from it and bites into her baby's hand. I should be more careful since that time. '


Things That You Need To Remember When You Get A Pet Dog Home

When you get a pet dog, there are specific rules that you need to follow as raising a dog needs a lot of attention and care. You need to consider your time before you decide on getting one, especially if you or any family member is in the early stages of pregnancy as dogs tend to react differently at that time.

All Images Source: Instagram

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 18, 2018, 11:42 [IST]
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