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What Does The Letter “V” On Your Heart Line Reveal

When it is about believing in certain untold facts, we tend to depend on the predictions of zodiacs, horoscope, numerology and even palmistry.

No matter how unpredictable the predictions can be, we tend to believe in these predictions at times, due to their accuracy.

According to palmistry, our palm contains some of the lines that can help decide whether we will be a millionaire or not in our life.

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Here, we are discussing about one such letter on your palm. It is about the letter 'V' on your palm.

If you have the letter 'V' at the end of your heart line, then it is considered to be lucky and, at the same time, those who do not have this letter on your palm, well, you are considered to be quite heartless!

So, if you are the lucky one with this letter right on your heart line, then find out on how it defines your personality.

Its Positioning...

The letter V should ideally be located at the end of the heart line. For those who do not have this letter on their palm, they are not only heartless, but they are also said to be the individuals who do not show any form of regret, love and appreciation at any given point.

The Heart Line's Importance

In palmistry, the heart line basically helps to predict your relationships and emotions. It helps to tell you a lot about a person even without knowing them. The reason your heart line is so important is also that it says a lot about your past relationships as well. Since the heart line in palmistry is considered to be one of the four main lines that reveals a lot about the person, the letter V on the heart line has its own importance.

Look Out For Breaks

If there are breaks in your heart line, then it shows that you are a person who likes to change your feelings at the drop of the hat.

When The Letter V Appears At The End

According to palmistry, it is usually believed that the letter V indicates the unfinished business or personal development of an individual.

You Are Lucky!

With the letter V present on your palm, you are considered to be extremely lucky and successful. You tend to acquire a lot of money in your life. On the other hand, it is also believed that you would be blessed with a great fortune and also befriend the best kind of people in your lives.

You Are Also Trustworthy

You would not only find your friends to be trustworthy, but will find them to be supportive as well. On the other hand, you tend to make a good name for yourself too in the society. Your life seems to make a complete U-turn for the better when you cross the age of 35.

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So, let us know if your palm has a V on your heart line or not in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 13, 2018, 15:42 [IST]
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