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Couple Caught Having Sex In A Flight & The Video Has Been Viewed 5.63 Million Times!

What is the crazy thing that your parents have shared with you? A couple shared a video with their daughter, in which they captured another couple having sex in the last seat of the plane.

The couple witnessed a Mile High Club scene right in the last seat of the flight that they were travelling in.

The strange part is, none of the other passengers on the flight seem oblivious to what is happening behind them and not even the crew members seem to be bothered about it!

Read on to know more details about this bizarre incident.

The Couple Was Flying To Mexico

The girl who shared the video on her Twitter account claims that her parents were travelling to Mexico and this is when they caught an unknown pair making love in the last seat of the flight!

The Funny Bit!

The video was posted on Twitter by 'Kiley Tully' who claims that the video was taken by her parents on a trip to Mexico and the funny bit is when her parents shared the video with her about the bizarre scene that they witnessed!

The Video Has Gone Viral!

Though the video was uploaded to share the funny happenings around the world, it fetched over 5.60 million views and had been shared in huge numbers.

The Action Against The Couple

Though there are not many details about which flight the incident happened, an inquiry has been started off, and the authorities claim that action would be taken against the love-making couple, as public love is not legal.

Did you know that more such bizarre cases happen on flights? Read on to know about a beggar begging when on a plane and this is no joke.

A beggar onboard a flight from Karachi to Bangkok was seen begging on the plane!

This seems to be a joke, as the video was tagged as "KARACHI WALE," but authorities claim that the man was from Iran. However, netizens are going crazy with the concept of him even entering the flight.

Though the unnamed man is seen begging in the flight, the crew members are seen requesting him to take a seat, while other passengers seem to reach out to him and give him money.

Check out the video!

It is still unclear on how the beggar seen in the video boarded the plane without anyone taking notice in the first place.

With such bizarre cases happening around in the world, one cannot say that it happens only in India!

Got a bizarre incident to share? Let us know in the comment section, and we shall feature it for you!

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