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Psychological Test: Which Place Are You Scared To Enter

An American historian and writer named Joseph Campbell had researched human psychology and in his psychological theory, he coined the fact that if a person wishes to conquer on his fears, then he should be happy.

Here is a psychological test in which all that you need to do is pick a place which you think you would never enter to!

This reveals about the fears that we have within us and how we create barriers around us and let our fears breed in.

So, pick a place from the above picture and find out about its psychological facts.


An Abandoned House

If you chose an abandoned house, you are a very intelligent and analytical person who does not mind seeing things as they are. You love to value things that are most important to you. The empty walls indicate that you have a raised emotional and spiritual side, which makes it hard for the others to reach out to you. On the other hand, there are very few close, but real friends that you have in your life. The treasure that you are seeking in life is all about the emotional satisfaction and not the intellectual one.


An Ice Cave

Choosing an ice cave means that you have spent a long time in searching for emotional warmth around you. The treasure you are searching for is love, which can be both romantic and platonic. As an individual you are afraid of feeling disappointment, hence you prefer to stay alone. But, at the same time, you are probably living a beautiful life, as you know what can make you happy. On the other hand, you are a person with great values. You also appreciate independence and freedom.

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A Chained Door

If you chose this door, then you are productive and you like to achieve the difficult goals that you set ahead. You are creative and are known to be very good in solving problems. This is because you are a good leader and you do your best. On the other hand, you must not devote yourself to work too much, and as a result, you have to take rest and enjoy the simpler things in life.

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A Dark Tunnel

If you chose a dark tunnel, it means that you need to examine your emotions. As an individual, you are smart and emotional. The dark tunnel indicates that your mind needs some clearing up, so as to better see and understand your thoughts. On the other hand, you need to stop worrying about the problems, and also start seeking for a solution. You need to remember that at the end of the tunnel, things seem to be much clearer.

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A Wooden Cabin

If you chose this as a place that you do not wish to visit, then you are a generous person who always looks out for others. As an individual, you are loyal and honest, but this is something that not everyone appreciates. If you are having the fear of a house, it means that the treasure you want is wealth and to get it, you need to work hard.



If you chose this image, then you have the fear of being buried. You have the fear of death and you know nothing of what is coming your way. The treasure that you seek is good health. On the other hand, you over-think, but still love the way your life is heading.

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