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ATTENTION! What! Is The Earth Going To Be Hit By A Space Station??

China's Space Station Will Soon Crash On Earth With Cancer-Causing Chemical | Oneindia news

A massive space station of China is said to come down crashing this year and since the news has spread across, there is constant chaos and worry among the netizens, since the news is TRUE!

Tiangong-1 is the massive space station which is expected to plunge to Earth in the late March or April and scientists have revealed that it would re-enter the earth's atmosphere.

Since the time the news has spread across the world like wildfire, people are worried and are trying to find out details on where and how the debris of the satellite would land up at!

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Here, we bring to you the facts and details of Tiangong-1 - the space station!


About Tiangong-1 - The Space Station!

Tiangong-1 in Chinese means the "heavenly palace". It was apparently launched into the orbit in the year 2011, since then it has been undertaking experiments in space. One of the large parts of the test was to have a permanent station in space by the year 2023.


It Was Supposed To Be Withdrawn After 2 Years

According to sources, it was supposed to be withdrawn from the mission in 2013, with a controlled destruction. But due to some unknown facts, it has been getting delayed and as a result, the earth would witness this scary fact of the debris hitting upon our planet!

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The Scientist Had To Release A Note On The Upcoming Event

Since people panicked, the scientists had to immediately release statements about the entire event. They revealed that the space station was not out of control and people are not under any kind of a danger.


But Where Would It Land At?

It is pretty challenging to predict the time of re-entry of the space station, and the scientists are finding it to be even more challenging to get the precise location. One of the leading scientists named Abraham said, "One thing we do know is that [Tiangong-1] will re-enter between 43 degrees North and 43 degrees South latitude, but beyond that we don't know the precise location."


This Is Not The First Space Station To Hit Back The Earth’s Surface

According to sources, Tiangong-1 is not the first or even the largest structure to hit back the surface of the planet. Apparently, the largest structure was a 268,000-pound Russian Mir space station, which made a controlled descent and splashed down in the Pacific Ocean in the year March 2001.


There Is A Fear Of The Debris Hitting The Earth!

Authorities reveal that the space station was still under their control and they would guide it to a safe place before it hits the atmosphere, where it will burn up on entering the atmosphere and the remaining wreckage will fall into a designated area of the sea, and would not endanger the surface.


About The Debris

Most of the times, the old satellite debris often re-enter the Earth's atmosphere, but it typically burns up upon re-entry long before it reaches the Earth's surface. It is revealed that the station contains large amounts of toxic chemicals, including hydrazine, which is a known carcinogen that has been linked to cancer in humans. Hence, if any individual would come in contact with the debris, he/she needs to avoid touching it with bare hands!


A Little Trivia

To the present date, there is only one single person named Lottie Williams of Tulsa, of Oklahoma, who has been hit by the space debris. According to reports, she was struck on the shoulder by a small piece of a rocket's fuel tank in the year 1997 while she was out for a walk!

So, what do you think will happen? Let us know in the comment section below.

Story first published: Thursday, January 18, 2018, 21:14 [IST]
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