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Mum Put A Recorder In Her Son’s Bag To Record Bullying By Teacher

Bullying is one of the primary reasons why people get depressed. It can be students bullying students or teachers bullying students.

One needs to understand that bullying is not just physical abuse, it can also be verbal or emotional in nature as well.

Many individuals who get bullied seem to develop low self-esteem and this can at times turn their anger inward.

The goal of every teacher should be to create a strong student-teacher relationship and help the kids create a positive peer group. Teachers should ideally do this if the kids are being bullied.

In this video, a woman named Kandy Escotto had noticed that her five-year-old son Aaron was struggling with his grades and self-esteem, and he said his teacher had called him a bad boy. Being a mum she wanted to know what was going on in class; hence, she decided to put a recorder in his backpack for four days of his school.

Kandy is said to have gathered around 32 hours of audio at Banyan Elementary School. In the recording, the tape had captured the teacher named Rosalba Suarez, who was also known as the best teacher for 33 years and was named the Westchester school's teacher of the year as well. In the tape, the teacher is heard calling Aaron and another boy "losers."

According to reports, Aaron had started behaving weirdly, and he did not seem to be interested in going to school. The mum revealed that the boy seemed to cry during the start of the day as he showed his disinterest in attending school.

As the mum had put the recorder, she claimed that the teacher had addressed Aaron with offending words and that she was insulting him in front of the entire class.

This reaction of the teacher treating Aaron by not choosing the right set of words has not only caused emotional pain to this child, but has also left him stressed out. After all, no child deserves to be bullied, and no teacher is allowed to have such a mean behaviour towards the kids.

In the audio tapes, the teacher is also heard telling Aaron that his mother was "a little lost" and was "driving me crazy." She was even heard criticising the young boy's working habits and participation in school events.

With incidents like these, all the parents should discuss with their children about bullying and the impact that it has on individuals as well.

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