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Milk That Is Rs. 3,000 A Litre Is Making Indians Happy!

There is a sudden trend that makes people go berserk when they suddenly realise that there are health benefits to something that is entirely new.

According to researchers, drinking camel milk has never been a trend in India, at least that is what reports claim to be. However, researchers from other parts of the world have discovered the unique benefits of camel milk.

With the numerous benefits of camel milk, seems like the demand has increased for camel milk, and the milk powder made of it is becoming famous, especially in the US, where the price of the milk smoothly goes up to as high as $50 a litre!

Interesting Science Facts That Are Misleading

This has made the Indians happy as it is an unexpected bounty for camel owners in Rajasthan! Farmers from Bikaner, Kutch and Surat are making the best use of it as they are selling the milk to the US and other countries where people are willing to pay the price.

However, are you still wondering what makes the camel milk so unique? Well, then read on as we reveal to you some of the facts about camel milk!

Camel Milk Benefits.

It helps in treating various diseases and conditions like the treatment of autism, diabetes, joint pain and immunity-related diseases. It is believed to have lower lactose in comparison with cow's milk, hence, making it a better alternative for cow milk (especially people who are allergic to lactose).

It also helps to fight against Salmonella infections, and even kill viruses causing diarrhoea. Apart from all this, it also has fewer short-chain fatty acids when compared to cow milk.

With so many health benefits listed, guess it's time that Indians also learn to make the best use of the resources like these and get healthier and stronger, instead of exporting proper nutrients out of the country.

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