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Blogger Offered Free Sex And Check What Happened Next!

People just do anything in life to gain attention and this case is just a perfect example of how one can do just about anything to gain some attention and more followers, especially on the social media sites.

This is what happened when a Chinese blogger offered to have free sex and over 3000 men ended up being at the venue.

Check out on more details of what happened next!


This Incident Happened In China

This incident was reported in China after a Chinese blogger caused chaos in a Chinese city. On her social media, she told people that she would have sex with them for free!


She Revealed Her Details

She apparently posted the video in which it was seen that Miss Ye stated, "Who's coming to get have sex...for free." In her post, she revealed the hotel room that she was staying at with the room number - 6316 - in the post.

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There Was Chaos All Over!

Once her post went viral, men started flocking the hotel and asked for details about her room. In a short span of time, over 3000 people flocked the hotel room and police had to be called in for the safety of the girl.

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She Revealed It Was A Joke!

When Miss Ye realised the intensity of the consequences of what she had done, she deleted the post and posted another in which she was begging the people to spare her from being mobbed. She confessed that she did this to increase her fan following on social media.

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She Was Arrested

Miss Ye, who is just 19 years old, was later arrested by the local police officers of the city, as they arrested her on suspicion of advertising about prostitution. It was also reported that all her social media accounts were blocked by the cops!

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 7, 2018, 12:46 [IST]
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