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Best Gifts That You Can Choose For Your Mother!

By Shabana

It is a known fact that a human brain is programmed to multi-task, which means that our brain can focus on only one task at a given time. But mothers have been multitasking since ages...are they just good at defying science or it simply means that they are Other-Worldly?

A mother is indeed very special in our lives. She is the strong pillar, a guiding force, someone who teaches us about the good and the bad and gives us the courage to fight against it. Not just that, she works day and night to give us food, washed and ironed clothes and everything else we need to lead a comfortable life. She is the one who is more worried about your exams and she is the one who is the happiest person in the world when you land your dream job. After years of taking care of you, she may not want you to go miles away from her to pursue your dream. But she bears it only because she knows this is where your happiness lies.

Only a mother can be so selfless, loving, caring and, of course, multitasking. But they never ask for anything in return. They just dedicate all their lives to their loved ones. But there was one lady determined to give something back to her mother.

Anna Jarvis was a young American peace activist during the American Civil War. Her struggle to honour all mothers paved a way for the Mothers Day so widely celebrated. This concept is slowly catching up in our patriarchal society now.

International Mothers Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of every May. Though mothers cannot be celebrated for what they are in a single day, if you love your mother, make sure you make her feel extra-special on this day.

Want to make your mom feel on top of the world? Take a cue from us. We have curated a special list of gifts you can give to your mother to make her Mothers' Day extra special.

1) A Day At The Spa

This tops our list of best the Mothers' Day gifts because we have literally seen mothers jump with joy after receiving a voucher of their favourite salon. Mothers never find time to relax and indulge in themselves. They always seem to have plenty of time to solve your problems but never find time for themselves. This will be perfect indulgence for them. They will get a day off from their daily chores and also end up looking like a million bucks later.

2) Latest Kitchen Gadgets

We can always find our mothers in the kitchen more than any other part of the house. Plus, are you always using her culinary expertise to satiate your hunger for new dishes? Then, giving her something awesome and useful in the kitchen is a must. Make sure to give her something that will let her use it every day, instead of some fancy gadget than she will use just once in a while.

3) New Curtains

Do you find your mother always complaining about getting new curtains? Does she say that she is always short of funds and surprisingly has enough money to give you a present on your birthday? Well, it's payback time. Buying her new curtains that she always wanted will make her really happy. Though it wouldn't be something for herself, it would still be worth seeing the smile on her gorgeous face.

4) Books or Magazines

Is your mother an avid book lover or always wanted to read the latest issue of her favourite magazine? Mothers always suppress their own desires just for the sake of you. Gifting them a book from their favourite author or subscribing to their favourite magazine will help them get in touch with their younger self.

5) Handbags

Was your mom fashion forward and a trendy woman once? Then, it's time to get her fashionista self back. Gift her an exclusive handbag, that she will be proud to show off to her kitty party friends. Make sure not to splurge your entire salary on it though, as that will just invite a frown from her and surely a lecture on handling your finances better will ensue.

6) Lastly, Gift Yourself

If you live away from your mom, the best gift she would want on a Mother's day is for you to be present for her in flesh and bones. Take a trip to meet your mother for Mother's Day and spend the whole day doing things both of you like. Shopping, binging on pani puris, anything. Just make sure not to talk about yourself much and focus on her instead. Keep your electronic gadgets at bay. We are sure you can do that for one day and that too a Sunday because giving all your attention to your mother will make her the happiest person in the world. Don't forget to end the day with a personalized note saying how much you love her and mean to her. Including a cute photo of both of you will surely leave her teary eyed.

So, this Mother's Day, make sure you make your mom feel one in a million.

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