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Watch: Angry Bird Annoyed By Loud Music Is Seen Unplugging The Speakers

Pets are more intelligent than what we assume them to be. They imitate what they see us doing. This video makes us realise that they even understand the functionality of certain things.

Here is a video of a pet parrot who seems to be thoroughly annoyed with the music that was being played from the laptop.

The bird is seen unplugging the cord of the loudspeakers as it is irritated with the loud music being played.

It does not stop there as the owner plugs the cord back and every time the little bird screams and unplugs it.

It looks like it just does not like the sound of the music its owner loves to hear as the bird is quick to react and knows precisely how to make it stop!

Over a period the little bird is seen trying to destroy the cord and the plug point of the laptop which makes us worry of the fact that the little birdie could get electrocuted; luckily nothing of this sort happenned!

So, since the battle seems to be endless, who do you think won it? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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