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Man Got His Penis Removed As It Was A Hindrance For Getting A Tattoo

Getting inked can be a craze and also an addiction. There are so many cases where people tend to start inking themselves to cover their scars, and over the years they seem to be entirely in love with ink and get their bodies covered with tattoos.

One such story is of Adam Curlykale who is also a cancer survivor and a tattoo lover.

It is revealed that Adam has got his penis removed as he feels that it was becoming a hindrance in displaying his body art.

Check out his entire story.

Adam Is A Cancer Survivor

Adam Curlykale who is 32 years old hails from Kaliningrad in Russia. He has spent his past 12 years covering his body with 90% of ink, which includes his eyeballs, after he was diagnosed with cancer.

He Always Felt Incomplete

Though 90% of his body was covered in tattoos, he always felt incomplete as some parts of his body were not inked, and he believed that this spoiled the look of his body art!

He Paid To Undergo Surgery

Adam wanted to get rid of his incomplete feeling. Hence, he took no time to decide on getting rid of the body parts where he could not get a tattoo done. He paid to have his penis, testicles and nipples removed.

He Travelled A Long Way

Adam travelled from Kaliningrad, Russia, to Guadalajara, Mexico which is a long way for the surgery.

He Rose To Fame

Adam became famous last year when he had taken part in a television show called 'Second Face' in Poland. In the show, he had revealed he had started getting his first tattoos to cover the blemishes that were left behind by cancer.

Cancer Was Not The Only Reason Why He Started

Adam's skin had turned pale even after he recovered from cancer. After a short while, the doctors diagnosed him with albinism which encouraged him to add more tattoos.

He Loves The Colour Grey!

Adam revealed that his favourite colour has always been grey, which can be in many different tones, and this is one of the main reasons as to why his current skin colour is graphite!

He Wants To Get More Tattoos Done

Going further, Adam revealed that he wishes to get the remaining portions of his body to be completely covered in ink and this is the first thing that he would do once he recovers!

For more exciting pictures, check out his Instagram posts:

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