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20 Something? Here's What You Can Do Instead Of Getting Married

By Ankita
Be Progressive & Re Prioritize Your 20s | BoldSky

We live in a society where everyone will have a say in your life and you will be the last person who will be expected to take a decision for your own life. But this women's day we are saying, take control of your life. Live your life to the fullest, while it lasts. People around you, including your parents will expect you to get married as soon as possible. But hey, you haven't lived for yourself yet, how can you start living for others?

Ladies, you need not give in to their whims and fancies always, here's what you can do instead.


1. Have A Career

Financial independence is one of the most crucial things for any human being.

So why should you be singled out? Plus, having a career will also give you a sense of fulfillment.


2. Discover Your Strengths

Young women spend a lot of their time and energy focusing on the negative things.

You have numerous strengths, we all do. Find out about them and focus on them.


3. Learn New Things

Knowing something makes us feel confident. Learn a new form of art, a language, painting, dancing... anything. And feel your confidence sky rocket.


4. Make New Friends

Yes, girls in our society are judged for having many friends. The day you give in to this pressure, you stop growing. Make friends, from different classes, backgrounds, social strata, because that's how you know the world and discover the good or bad in people.


5. Travel

That's the best way to discover yourself. Travel, not to boast, but to be aware of your position in the world. Visiting new places will make you feel strong and confident. It will also give you a break from all the regular humdrum. Give yourself this break, often.


6. Spend Time With Your Parents

Or you will regret not having done it later on in your life. Love them and show it to them. They are the ones who truly love you. They made you what you are today. Be around them whenever possible.


7. Spend Time With Your Friends

There will come a time in your life when meeting your friends very often won't be possible. So while you have time, surround yourself with them. They are the biggest stress-busters.


8. Take Care Of Yourself

In your 20's you are doing too much. You are either studying or working, many living alone and dealing with the good, bad, uglies of life single-handedly. In between all this we forget to stop and pamper ourselves. Take care of your health, both mental and physical. Pay attention to your body and its changes.


9. Party Hard, Yes You Heard Us Right!

There is no way you will come out of life alive. So, better dance your legs off while it lasts!


10. Do What You Love. Don't Think Twice

Once you get married your priorities in life will change. You will have to put your family before yourself. So, in your 20's, give responsibilities a break and just do what makes you happy. Do things that you absolutely love to do and let no-one tell you otherwise.

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