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WTF! Pregnant Teens Smoke Cigarettes For This Reason!

With teens getting exposed to drugs and experimenting with their sexuality to understand their body and needs, there are many cases of teenage pregnancies, which are increasing day by day and there are hardly any measures taken to curb it.

Here, in this article, we are about to share some of the bizarre practices that the teens are getting involved into while they are pregnant; and one such is smoking many cigarettes during their pregnancy period.

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Check out the actual cause of sudden increase in the teens smoking during their pregnancy period.


The Size Of The Babies Is Small

Researchers have proved that women who smoke during pregnancy tend to have babies that are quite smaller in size when compared to people who do not smoke!


They Are Scared Of The Physical Changes

These teen moms fear that childbirth can damage the vaginas, as it would change the vagina in shape and size and also the body may get altered in shape after childbirth.


The Vagina Changes Scare Them To Death!

These teen moms are scared about their vaginas not looking the same after childbirth. With this at hand, they fear that they would be rejected by men.

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To Reduce Birth Pain…

They assume that the smaller the baby's size is, they would have to undergo less pain during labour, as small-sized baby birth is assumed to be less painful according to them!


They Fear Weight Gain

It is said that a woman's body adjusts and produces enough fat during pregnancy to keep the baby warm, and it is inevitable. But if the baby is smaller in size, the mother would gain less fat deposit! And these are the reasons why teen pregnant girls have resorted to a practice of smoking when pregnant.

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