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Why Intelligent People Fail The Most?

If a person is smart, intelligent and witty, it does not mean that he/she has not failed at any point of time. There are chances that even the most wittiest person fails at some point of time.

This is due to certain mistakes that go unattended even by the smartest person!

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We bring you some of the most common reasons due to which even the most intelligent person would face failure, if he/she ignores these points.

Even the most famous personality out there may have failed and it is only sane to take care of few points that can avoid failure.

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Check out the reasons as to why people fail and what needs to be corrected instantly.


Setting Higher Standards That Can Disappoint

Setting a benchmark and achieving the goal is something that makes sense. But what if you are setting standards that are unachievable? This can turn into an issue. Wise people tend to comprehend their targets and decline to settle down for something far too high-reaching and this can decline their fall.

Solution: Dream big, but take baby steps while you become successful, as even a small mistake can create failure!


Over-analysing Everything

Even the most intelligent person will over-analyse everything. They tend to find the hidden meaning in everything that is happening around them. When intelligent people discover an answer for every issue, they are over-analysing things beyond extent which can lead to their failure. And when they can't discover a reply, they are disappointed and agitated.

Solution: Stop analysing the most simple thing, as there will be no answer for everything around you.

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Being Too Hard On Yourself

Thinking about the past failures and brooding over it may lead to one's downfall. It is best to let the past be where it belongs. And this is one reason why even intelligent people face failure, since they always dwell in the past.

Solution: This is a baggage of the past and needs to be left there. So avoid thinking about the things that have got over and think of the present and future.


Being Misunderstood

People with higher IQs have a tough time with significant discussions with others, as the thoughts and opinions do not match with that of the common people. This leads them to be alone most of the times and it can indirectly also lead to their failure.

Solution: One needs to be a good listener to other's point of view. This would help them grow and succeed in life.

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Story first published: Friday, January 6, 2017, 14:45 [IST]
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