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What Would Happen When The World Will Stop Spinning?

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The world has been spinning since its existence and it would continue the same way. There is no stopping for the rotation of earth and we can never imagine of what would happen if the world would stop spinning.

Do you think that things would be normal if the earth had just stopped spinning? Well, we definitely don't want to see a day like that!

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If the earth actually stopped rotating instantly, it would be really bad for everything around. You have no idea of the disaster it would cause if our planet earth would just stop spinning.

Some of these things may sound funny, while a few of the facts will totally creep you out. Hence, have a look at the worst things that can happen when the world will stop spinning.


Massive Hurricane

A massive hurricane would be created when the earth would stop spinning, and the atmosphere that spins around the world would still be spinning, which would cause this massive hurricane. It would turn into a gigantic hurricane that can even cover the entire planet.


Tsunami Would Engulf Cities

The water on the earth moves along with the direction of the rotation, so if the earth stops rotating, then the water flow will follow the Newton's Law and continue to move. This would result in engulfing of major land portions like cities, and these cities would be submerged under water.


Oceans Would Move!!

Since the gravity is strongest on the North and South Poles, the oceans would gravitate towards these poles and leave a giant super-continent in the middle of the planet. This is the worst thing that can happen when the world would stop spinning.

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We Would All Go Flying!

Current rotation of the earth shoots us through space at 1040 miles per hour. Once the earth stops rotating, the gravity that has been rooting us would stop working and this can result in us flying at the opposite direction, and at the speed of 1040 miles per hour!!


Everyone Would Die!

Yes, ultimately, this is what would happen if the world stopped spinning. There are very slim chances of people surviving this disaster, as it can wipe away the life on this beautiful planet.

We only wish something of this sort does not EVER happen. Do share your thoughts on this in the comment section below.

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