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Transformation Of A Boy Who Smoked 40 Cigarettes Every Day!

Elders are a role model to kids and kids look up to them to learn new things every day. In this process, they even pick up the bad habits, just like what elders have been doing around them.

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This is one such case, where a 2-year-old boy named Ardi Rizal had developed the habit of smoking at such a tender age.

Check out on the story of this boy who took the world by a storm with his habit of smoking, which went up to 40 cigarettes per day!

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Find out more about his interesting transformation over the years!


His Video Had Gone Viral...

In 2010, a video of a 2-year-old boy smoking cigarettes went viral and people lost their cool when they saw the little kid puffing on a cigarette in his hometown in Indonesia.


When He Turned 3…

When he turned 3, the little boy was seen smoking up to 40 cigarettes per day! There was a global outrage, when people were updated about his bizarre habit. To calm things down, the government placed Ardi in a rehab program and launched a campaign to address the problem of child smoking.


The Rehab Program Included…

He was taken to play during the therapy sessions in the capital Jakarta. This continued for two weeks to take his mind off from his 40 cigarettes-a-day habit and this is how he learnt to be a normal toddler for the first time.


He Was Able To Quit Smoking!

Luckily, since he was young, it was easy for him to be able to break the habit of smoking. His treatment program included counseling and therapy sessions. But the tragic part was he replaced this harmful addiction with another...


He Got Hooked On To Junk Food...

He got hooked on to junk food. By the time he was 6 years old, he had become obese. His parents, were keen and struggling on ways to make their son healthy, hence connected him with a nutritionist and placed him on a strict diet.


He Has Kicked Both His Addictions Now…

He has vowed to stay away from cigarettes and junk food; and the results are amazing, as he has been doing great so far.


Though His Story Was A Struggle Initially, It Proves To Be A Positive One…

Though his story was a struggle initially, it has set an example on how a person can overcome their unhealthy habits with just sheer determination and support!

Check Out His Documentary…

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