She Was Raped By 9 Men Until She Decided To Fight Back

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The newspapers are filled with every other heading reporting a rape case. There is no stopping for this crime, as the laws are not very stringent on this in our country and people have the liberty to walk free even after raping innocent victims.

All the cases of rape are brutal and we only sympathize with the victim and do not do anything else to help them.

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This is the case of a woman who was raped by 9 men for a couple of days. These men took turns to rape her in her own house, until one fine day she did this!

Check out how this weak woman, who was being abused day and night, managed to get the courage to fight for her freedom.


She Was...

From being a single mother to being the ideal strong woman, she was having her own fight with her fate. She was working hard to make ends meet. She needed to work extra hard, as her kid had to get an admission in a good school.


She Was Returning Home…

Her shift got over late and she was hurrying back, until a decent-looking man offered her a lift. She was struggling to get an auto for quite some time and was worried that her little baby would get scared being alone after dark.


He Dropped Her Home…

She agreed to take the ride with the man, as he seemed to look decent and like a family man. He striked a conversation with her and realised that she was alone with her 2-year-old kid. It ignited the devil in him who was looking for an opportunity to rape her. He dropped her at her home, but...


He Followed Her Inside The House…

He said that he wanted to drink a glass of water, followed the woman inside her house and then the ordeal started, as he raped the woman in front of her 2-year-old baby.

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He Went Back Only To Get His Friends…

He raped the woman the entire night and then locked her in her own house and returned the next day with 8 of his other friends who took turns and raped her for hours and hours together. They enjoyed the pain in her eyes, as they kept biting her flesh.


It Was 7 Days…

The ordeal continued for 7 long days, until she decided it was enough and needed to get through this pain or she might end up dying, as she had become weak and fragile. She was slowly losing the battle of resistance, as she could not fight back until she made up her mind...


She Hid Behind The Door…

She knew the time the men would visit to rape her. She hid behind the door only to rush out and scream with all the strength she had in her lungs and she was successful, as she was able to get the attention of men outside the house on the other side of the road.


They Held The Men…

The men who heard the woman's plight rushed and thrashed these men. They currently are behind bars and some of the men have applied for bail, as they are quite powerful. We hope they rot inside and never get their freedom back.


She Is On Her Recovery Road…

She is trying hard to forget the pain and ordeal she had gone through in these days and wishes that the men get death sentence. She is currently undergoing psychological treatment to forget her mental pain as well.

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 14, 2017, 17:13 [IST]
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