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The Photographer Who Beautifully Captured The Moment Of Unexpected Kisses

Pictures can capture some untold stories and emotions.

During the Roskilde Festival in Denmark, a photographer wanted to make the best use of the place and people around. Hence, she came up with a unique concept of making people smile...

Photographer Johanna Siring took it one step further by involving with the crowd and trying her new experiment. She wanted to document the free-spirited mentality at the festival, and she clicked the shot portraits of strangers before and after kissing them, which are simply amazing.

Check out for these brilliant true expressions of people of what happens to them when they realise that they are kissed at the least expected time!


It Is Named…

The project is known as the "Kiss of a Stranger," in which the photographer believes that it is an easy way on how we can communicate and also connect with new people.


Unexpected Reaction…

The photographer Johanna Siring would approach her subject, click a picture, she did not stick to only one gender or race to take the first portrait, and then she would take a picture again after a consensual kiss and explaining to them about the concept.


She Explains…

She explained about her project as, "Kissing sparks all the nerve endings in your lips, it causes a release of dopamine and a surge in oxytocin. It's an instantaneous stress reliever and creates an immediate emotional bond between two people."


She Added…

"We are all just human beings with the same basic instincts. By creating new relationships and learning about the thoughts and ideas of strangers, we might be able to build bridges and combat ignorance and judgment."

Check onto the other images, as these have been captured at the right moment.


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