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Foreign Destinations To Visit When You Are Low On Budget

By Shibu Purushothaman

Every one of us is acquainted with the fact that foreign destinations not only help to relax our mind but soothe our soul and also give us a lifelong experience.

Whether you plan a UK trip or a Malaysian tour, enjoying foreign destinations will leave you with life-long memories.

The budget being the primary factor, everyone tries to plan out the trip as per the budget that would suit them. Whether they are exotic locations or a million-dollar city in a western country, everything can be planned out properly with a good budget.

So, today we would be talking about those foreign destinations to visit when you are low on budget! Check out the impressive list here.


1. Egypt

One among the countries which you can visit while on a low budget is Egypt. From couch surfing to posh hotels, Egypt is one among the countries which you can explore while you are running short of money. While planning a visit to Egpyt, you can consider stopping at the Red Sea, Sinia, and Giza.

Egpyt is an exciting place to travel and live! With noteworthy monuments and lip-smacking cuisine, Egypt is one among the best places to visit around the world when you want to explore the country in silence.


2. Kenya

Another great country which you can visit to while on low budget is Kenya. Kenya is undoubtedly a gorgeous country with stunning wildlife to be witnessed here. From beautiful beaches to the buzzing cities, Kenya is most likely a beautiful country to be visited.

Wildlife parks and reserves in Kenya are simply remarkable! It is literally cheap and the accommodation there is as low as Rs. 1000.


3. Bhutan

Bhutan is one among those countries, which Indians can visit to when running low on budget as well as without a visa. Bhutan, also known the land of Thunder Dragon, is famous for its scenic beauty.

This small country will offer you the most magical experience and marvels of Dzong architecture. It is surely a beautiful landlocked country. The complete history of Bhutan is literally amazing and you need to explore this country at least once in your lifetime.


4. South Korea

Another country where nature cuddles the scenic beauty and also gives you the most exciting experience is Korea. From the sites on Jeju Island to Marsh, South Korea delights the travellers with its beautiful destinations.

If you are a person who is looking forward to roving a place where you can get lost in the natural beauty, then South Korea will not be less than an ecstasy for you.


5. Thailand

If you want to plainly indulge in the beaches, culture, international food, and mountains, then you should definitely plan your trip to Thailand. Apart from the natural beauty of the country, Thailand is known for its street food. Thailand‘s cuisine is surely a treat to your taste buds. With flooring marks, elephant show, ancient Buddha temple, and architecture, Thailand visit can be done on a very less budget.


6. Colombo

You will literally enjoy and relax at the soothing beaches at Colombo, Sri Lanka. With innumerous Buddhist temples for spiritual experience to exploring the rich architecture of the country, Colombo should be in your next bucket list. If you like seafood, this place is surely a heaven, as Colombo is known for its lip-smacking Sri Lankan food.


7. Singapore

Another good country to visit when you are tight on budget but still want to cross the country borders is Singapore. You can soak in the culture at the Chinatown heritage and literally enjoy swallowing the tasty cookery from Singapore. You can spend your evening at Marina Bay area and literally unwind here.


8. Nepal

If you dream to wake up in the lush green mountains with the rainbows, you surely need to visit Nepal. The snow-peaked mountain and the rugged beauty of the place will leave you speechless. There are a lot of places in this beautiful country which can relax your soul and also leave you with reminiscences. Nepal is famously known for its trekking site and also there are many local sights that should be discovered. Apart from the budget, the best part about Nepal is, you can visit this place even without a passport.


9. Myanmar

Another foreign country which you can visit at a low budget is Myanmar. Filled with heritage sites, monuments, and pagodas, Myanmar's beauty is simply amazing! Myanmar is one among the unsung places of the world and is certainly the friendliest country.


10. Seychelles

If you thought visiting islands in foreign borders can only be a dream, then let us prove you wrong. Visiting Seychelles is a perfect retreat for people who love exploring beaches. If you have just thought of visiting this place, you should certainly book your tickets and plan your trip here. Boy, going aboard is not just visiting the UK or the US, sometimes it can be all about exploring!

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