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Facing Pregnancy Issues? Then, Blame Your Palm Lines!

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There are so many palm lines that reveal a lot about our fate and destiny. According to palmistry, most of these lines change over a period of time and so does the fate of the person.

Do you know that the fertility of a person can also be judged based on the person's lines that are present on the palm?

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Well, according to palmistry, different lines in both men and women reveal about their fertility level.

Check out for these lines on your palm and know about your fertility levels.


Infertility In Women…

There are several markings in and around the Mount of Venus. These are linked with the individual's sexual and family life, which is also known as the 'progeny'. These markings on the palm can be found anywhere around the Mount of Venus or below it or even inside it.


The Markings On Women's Palm...

According to palmistry, markings of fertility have different interpretations in the case of both men and women. The Mount of Venus reveals a lot about the fertility level, loss of progeny and a lot more in women.


If This Marking Is Present…

If there is a net-shaped marking on the Mount of Venus, then it is an indication that the woman can face miscarriage at some point of time in her life. There are high chances of this happening.


The Marking On The Bracelet Line #1

If the bracelet line makes a sign of island, which is facing outward and is right under the Mount of Venus just like the depiction in the image, then it is an indication of loss of progeny.

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The Marking On The Bracelet Line #2

If the bracelet line has a curve which is facing inwards of the Mount of Venus (just like in the image), then women with these markings will experience problems in conceiving and often have kids at a very late stage in life.


Marking On The Lifeline...

When the woman has a part of her lifeline which is breaking in between and going towards the Mount of Venus, she is believed to experience problems that are related to fertility, ovary follicles and even urinary tract infections.


The Other Markings…

Apart from this, there are several other markings around one's hand that can also reveal about their progeny and sexual problems. If the woman has a line which is going straight from her little finger up to the middle finger, then there are chances of accidents and childlessness.


The 'X' Marking On This Position

If there is an ‘X' marking, which is right under the space between the middle finger and fourth finger, it is considered as a sign of infertility.


Fertility Lines For Men

These markings on the palms of men indicate problems that are related to their sexual health and contribution to their progeny.


An 'X' Marking On This Position

If a man has an ‘X' sign on his Mount of Venus, it is said that he will be ill with problems that are related to low libido, low sperm count, and even prostate gland diseases.


If The Lifeline Overlaps...

In men, if the lifeline overlaps on the Mount of Venus, which means that it starts from under the thumb and makes a smaller curve up to the base of the wrist (just like in the picture), then it's a sign of impotency and some times even sexual problems.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 21, 2017, 16:19 [IST]
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