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List Of World's Worst Boyfriends!

When the relationship gets sour, it is better to let go of it, instead of making matters worse. Here, we bring to you the list of some of the world's worst boyfriends. These are the guys who have done the worst things that one could even imagine!

These guys have got their girlfriends raped and even killed them for the mere sake of free breakfast! We bet, you would not come across such heartless guys!

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So, check out the cases of these boyfriends who have done the worst things to their girlfriends. Hope all these guys are behind bars as they deserve nothing but HELL!


Psycho Stalker!

This unknown guy was so much in love with his girlfriend that he became an online/offline stalker of his girlfriend for over 3 years! He sent nude pics of hers to her family, friends and had even uploaded them on an amateur porn site! He claimed that he did all this just out of jealousy. He was arrested later and charged with harassment.


He Faked His HIV Test

A 25-year-old guy faked his HIV test reports to have unprotected sex with his girlfriend. The whole situation and the disgusting mindset of this man is truly frightening! Needless to say, the couple is no longer together.


He Murdered Her For Free Breakfast!

A 15-year-old guy was challenged by his friend to kill somebody for the sake of free breakfast! He used to brag about how easy it is to kill somebody, unless his friends challenged him to do so! His easy victim was his girlfriend whom he murdered mercilessly and told his friends to keep his free breakfast ready!

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He Posted An Ad For Getting His Ex Raped!

This psychopath had posted an ad online asking for a man who would be merciless on women and would tie and rape his ex girlfriend. These ads were posted with the woman's real identity and her home address. It took no time for a man to rape her in real! Later, this man was charged.


He Hit His Pregnant Girlfriend For Beer!

When this man's pregnant wife was getting into labour, he did not rush her to the hospital, and instead blew punches on her face and grabbed money from her purse. All this for the sake of beer! He did not let her call 911 for emergency! However, the reports suggest that the man was later arrested and the women and her baby are doing fine.

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