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List Of Homophobic Countries In The World

Every other day, we hear and even read stories about homosexual people fighting for their rights. There are countries that have made gay rights legal and there are even those that are not on the verge of budging in for the legal rights of these people, as it is considered a taboo in such countries.

Here is the list of countries that have become famous for being known as the "homophobic countries in the world".

Check out the list of these countries, as some of these countries that have been mentioned might make you skip a heartbeat, to know they are on the list. One such is Iran!

Read on to find out more about the homophobic countries.



Did you know that since 1979, about 4000-6000 men have been executed, as they were simply gay! These men were engaged in homosexual relationships. On the other hand, women who are lesbians are not executed, instead they have received fifty lashes for their sexual preferences!



People living in the northern part of the country may be stoned to death due to the Sharia law of the country. Apart from this, if a man dresses up as a woman, he is prisoned for a year and has to pay a heavy fine as well!


Saudi Arabia

In this country, if a man is found to be homosexual, then he receives 100 lashes, banishment, and even castration if convicted. If the man is married, then he is stoned to death in public.



Homosexuality is not illegal in this country, but hate crimes and violence against transgender and homosexual people is alarmingly high! Many homosexuals are murdered and about 89% of the trans women have been detained, assaulted and blackmailed by police!



In this country, homosexuals can be jailed for up to 10 years if they are convicted of gross indecency or the worst is, they are jailed for twenty-five years if they are convicted of being sexually involved with the same gender.



Honour Killing is a common scene in this country, especially if the parents suspect of their kids being engaged in the same-sex relations or even thinking about it. Worse thing about the law system here is that men are allowed to have sexual relationships with young boys, but not with an older man. It is as strange as it sounds!



Though homosexuality became legal in 2009, people still struggle to fight for their rights in India. The transgenders are forced to beg on the roads and they also become easy victims of violent crimes that take place in the country.

Being a homosexual is not a sin, and it is a shame on those people who look down on homosexuals! Do share your thoughts below regarding the same!

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Story first published: Thursday, January 12, 2017, 16:05 [IST]
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