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What These Images On The Backside Of Indian Currency Notes Signify

Apart from happiness and emotions, there is nothing that money cannot buy! We spend so much of money and use the currency notes every single day. But have you ever taken out the time to check the design on the Indian currency notes?

Each single image on the Indian currency notes has its own meaning and a reason for it to be there.

Facts To Know About Currency And Money

But do you know the hidden meaning and the actual reason as to why there are different images that are printed on the back of the Indian currency notes?

Here is the reason for it... Find out what it means...


One Rupee Note

It is the Oil Rig that signifies Industrial Development.


Two Rupee Note

The two rupee note has the famous Aryabhatta Satellite. It signifies progress in the field of Science & Technology.


Five Rupee Note

This note has an image of Farm Mechanization. It signifies progress in the field of Agriculture.


Ten Rupee Note

This note has the image of Fauna in India, which means it signifies the Biodiversity of the country.


Twenty Rupee Note

This note has Palm Trees printed on it, and it is the view from Mount Harriet Light house in Port Blair.


Fifty Rupee Note

This note has the design of the Indian Parliament, which signifies India as a country of Democracy.

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Hundred Rupee Note

This note has the image of Mt. Kanchenjunga printed on it, which signifies India's highest peak.


The Old Five Hundred Rupee Note

The old 500 note, which has no value currently, had the image of Dandi March, which represents the Salt Satyagraha.


The Current Five Hundred Rupee Note

The current 500 rupee note has the Red Fort printed on it, which represents India's rich History.


The Old 1000 Rupee Note

The old 1000 rupee note represents Indian Economy.


Two Thousand Rupee Note

This new note has Chandrayaan printed on it and it represents India's ace Space Mission.

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Story first published: Saturday, June 24, 2017, 11:15 [IST]
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