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Newborn Holding Mirena IUD Becomes A Star!

There are many contraceptive methods that people use to avoid unwanted pregnancies. From condoms to different methods, such as IUD, are used solely for this purpose.

But do you think that all these contraceptive methods are 100% effective? Well, we do not think so after reading this case of a woman who was fitted with Mirena IUD, who ended up getting pregnant and delivering her baby!

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When her baby was born, a picture of the baby holding Mirena IUD instantly went viral, as it was the same IUD the doctors had inserted in his mum to avoid the pregnancy and yet the boy was born.

Check out this bizarre story of a newborn baby holding Mirena IUD that has gone viral...

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The Actual Purpose Of IUD

Researchers claim that if the implant is fitted during the first five days of your cycle, you will be immediately protected against becoming pregnant. It is claimed to be 99% effective and hence Lucy Hellein opted for this method of contraception!


She Got Pregnant!

Even though Lucy Hellein had the device on, she got pregnant; and it is one of the rarest cases, as pregnancy does not occur with this contraceptive method!


Meet Lucy Hellein's Baby!

Lucy gave birth to 9 lbs 1oz Dexter Tyler, her newborn baby boy. A picture of him clutching onto the device IUD that was fitted in his mother to prevent pregnancy went viral.


Dexter Became So Popular...

Little Dexter Tyler was barely a week old when the picture of him holding the Mirena IUD went viral. He even became an internet star.


He Was Not Born Holding It!

The mum explained that her son was not actually holding the IUD when he was born, but the nurse held the IUD in the baby's hand in a jovial manner. This Mirena IUD was the same device that his mother had used to avoid pregnancy!

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The Doctors Could Not Remove The IUD…

The doctor was unable to remove the implant during her pregnancy, but while delivering the baby, she said that the doctors found it behind her placenta.


The Mother Claimed…

Though Lucy is quite happy about her newborn, she has taken more permanent measures to prevent pregnancy again.

What's your take on this? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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