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Her Picture Was Photoshopped To Look Beautiful In Different Countries

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Different people have different perceptions about beauty. Each taste varies and like certain features only, and then there are those who just love a person for just being themselves!

However, people from certain parts of the world prefer a similar 'type' of look. And this is something that is common in each of these places!

This article is all about how a woman's single picture was edited in 18 different countries and this was done by keeping in mind the preferences of men of these specific countries.

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This was a project taken up by a UK online pharmacy 'Superdrug Online Doctors' that created this, named "Perceptions Of Perfection", and it had 18 photoshopped images of the same woman.

Scroll below to see what the "perfect woman" looks like in 18 different countries.

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The Original Picture…

This is the original picture of the model that has been edited into 18 different versions!



In South Africa, they have made the woman look like an average size.



This is how a perfect woman looks like in Argentina!



Woah! People of Venezuela love women with huge breasts, we suppose!



Guess people of Syria prefer women who are heavier on the lower part of the body.



People of Colombia love healthy women!



We wonder what makes red haired women appear attractive in Ukraine!



People of this country seem to love women who have a flat tummy!



People in Italy consider slim to be beautiful!



Peru residents seem to be more focused on the face fat, rather than the body fat!



Damn! Her picture has been edited according to the preferences of people in China!



The picture reveals of how women in the USA are considered to be sexy.



She looks totally different in this picture!



Romanians' choice reflects the traditional voluptuous beauty standards!



People of the UK prefer women with a petite figure for sure!



People of this country believe that this is the perfect figure with a slim waist and proportionate bosoms!



So do Egyptians! But we wonder what's with her hair colour!



People of the Philippines prefer an above average figure of women!
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