WHAT!! Can Over Masturbation Ruin Your Life?

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Masturbating is something that can give you immense pleasure. A person does not wish or crave for the need of opposite sex when they master the skills of masturbation. However, can over masturbation be harmful and what would happen if a person does it daily?

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Are there any side effects of over masturbating, or is it wrong to masturbate too often? These are some of the questions that most of us have in our minds.

Can Over Masturbation Ruin Your Life?

Here, we are about to share some information on how over masturbation might ruin your life and how it can be harmful to you! These are some of the serious things that can happen when you over masturbate. If you're wondering whether over masturbation is bad for health, then read on.

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Check out its side effects.


You Are Causing Pain To Your Lower Region!

Men can suffer from a condition known as Peyronie's disease when they over masturbate. In this condition, there is a buildup of plaque that is caused due to injury on the shaft of the penis, and it can cause the penis to bend.


Quality Is Not The Focus, But The Number Becomes

Bragging out about the number of times you masturbate is not great, if you are not focusing on the quality, as it can do more harm to your nerves. Remember, it is not a competition, it's just sex.


It Gets In The Way Of You Actually Having Sex

You would not enjoy lovemaking with your partner. Instead, during the act, you may start fantasizing about your masturbation satisfaction. This will surely hamper your act!


When Porn & Masturbation Are Combined, It Affects Your Sex Life!

Men love to watch porn and masturbate. But, in reality, if these expectations are not met, they are disappointed and it can hamper their sex lives to a great extent.


Social Life Starts To Suffer

One needs to remember that pleasuring oneself should never get in the way of their social life and work. If you realise that your social life and work are getting hampered, then you need to take a serious note of the same, it could be harmful to your health indirectly.


There Is Constant Distraction Due To Masturbation

If your mind is blocked with the thoughts of when you could masturbate next, then there is something that you need to give a serious thought to. If required, do talk to a friend or an expert about it.


Ejaculation Becomes Difficult When You Masturbate Continuously

When you start masturbating regularly, it becomes difficult for you to reach orgasm. Our body needs time to replenish the fluids that are being secreted! This does not mean you drink a lot of fluid and yet expect to ejaculate when the body is not ready!

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