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This Yogi With Her Yoga Poses Has A Strong Message To The World!

Being depressed is no joke, especially if you are a person who is highly emotional. Handling depression and working on avoiding suicidal thoughts can be tough. But once handled with positivity, you bet, there is nothing that can stop you!

This is what Heidi Williams exactly did! She is a rape victim survivor who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety.

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Here is here inspirational story on how she fought her depression and all these conditions with the help of Yoga!

She currently inspires the world with her yoga poses...

In An Interview She Revealed

Heidi Williams has found solace in Yoga. She revealed: "It was in this place of mental illness hell that I found yoga and grace. Yoga brought me to a safe place again. A sense of peace and self-acceptance."

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She Is Active On Social Media…

Heidi is currently making an excessive use of social media to spread the powerful and hard message that she has learned about life and inspires the world to know on how to discover joy in the only life which we have got.

Her Social Media Accounts Are An Inspiration...

Each and every picture of hers is an inspiration in its own way, where she can be seen urging people to adopt yoga into their lives, and the quotes which she puts in their caption helps them to know more about emotional peace.

Her Posts…

"People will always question your path. They will comment, and criticise and compare until it brings you to your breaking point. At a point, we can turn around and thank them for the storm they've created. Because it's with that wind, we can learn to fly."

She Shared Her Experience Of Being Raped...

On her experience of being raped she wrote, "After a girl has been defiled, one term we use to describe it is, "She's lost her innocence." This is why women feel so guilty after they are raped.

She Further Added...

"If I'm no longer innocent, what is left then but to feel as though I am somehow to blame? After I was raped, I kept feeling like I needed to apologise. For not being good enough. For not knowing what to do. For not realising that what was happening was, in fact, rape. For not wanting to use such an ugly term to describe it. For using the word at all. For being in the wrong place at the wrong time. For "allowing" it to happen. For not being able to push him off of me even after I told him to stop, over and over and over."

Some More Inspiration...

"I [Heidi] feel the initial raise in blood pressure and my heart starts racing. My breath has now doubled in speed. I feel my right shoulder starts to tense sending a trigger point into action and my head starts to pound. My hands are sweaty. 2 years ago this would have turned into a massive PTSD episode. Sending me into hulk mode. Complete with shaking and me screaming and begging for the crying to stop. Once it would stop, I would collapse in exhaustion as though I had just run for my life from something threatening to kill me."

For more updates on her life inspirations, check her Instagram account...

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