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He Wished To See Her In Bra & This Happened

It is very difficult to monitor what kids online these days. Parents need to be very vigilant with what the kids do and this is a perfect example of this case!

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Teens are more vulnerable to porn these days and they do not realise when they are crossing the thin line between fun and getting sexually exposed.

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Check out what happened to a teen who asked a girl to share her picture in a bra and he was in for a surprise. Find out what happened...


They Had Just Met In The Tutions…

These guys had met in their school tutions and this is the time hormones are on their peaks and this is how they became friends...


Everything Is In Fast Moving Pace For Teens…

Teens are hurry everyday, they need everything in a hurry and this is when the guy messed up by asking her for a picture...


He Asked Her For A Picture Of Hers In Bra…

He was excited after he texted the girl of asking her about her picture in bra, until the girl shared her text with her dad...


Dads Are The Best!

When she told this incident to her dad , he was very angry and thought to take a perfect revenge from the guy. He sent this picture and definitely creeped the guy!

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