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Shocking Facts On Strippers That Will Make You Respect Them!

We live in a society where the character of a person is judged based on his/her profession. Judging a person is the first thing that we do and we do not think twice before we pass that person as being a well respected one in the society or not, as we are quick in being judgemental.

There are so many professions that people take up to overcome their difficulties and this does not get into our heads; however, only based on the person's profession, we take them to being a good citizen and otherwise.

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One such profession is about the strippers from "The Strip World". There are certain unknown facts about strippers that we need to know about before we end up judging them.

So, check these facts out and decide for yourself and we're sure this will make you think twice before judging anybody the next time!


They Mostly Belong To Poor Families

Most of the strippers who are dressed in scanty clothes may look modern and fashionable to the world, but in reality, most of them actually belong to middle-class families, while a few belong to poor families as well. They become a part of this industry because of their struggle with money.

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Clubs Don’t Care About Their Health Conditions

It is revealed that out of 10 strippers, only one of the strippers gets medical facilities and other health benefits. On the other end, most of the clubs have nothing to do with the health of the strippers who work in their club.


They Do This Job To Fund Themselves

In a study, it was revealed that 1 in 3 women strippers takes up this profession to fund herself to get through college or due to other difficult commitments. They study in the college in the daytime to make a career and work in a strip club at night to make their ends meet.


Most Common Profession Of The Strippers Is Teaching

Teaching happens to be the most common profession for strippers. About 14% of strippers work as teachers in the daytime and they take up this profession during the night to earn extra money for a better lifestyle or for other personal reasons.


There Are Married Too

Most of them think that stripping profession is a job for the unmarried girls, but that is not the case. Out of ten strippers, it is said that one stripper is married who is struggling with money and is trying to help her husband out. While a few of these strippers are divorcees or single parents who have no other job other than this to run their family and take care of their kids.


Just 8% Of Strippers Are Males

According to a research, out of 10, there are 9 female strippers and 1 male stripper noted. In this industry, there are about 92% female strippers, while there are only 8% male strippers. It is revealed that some of the males do it for fun, while there are those who do it for money to help their families and themselves just like their fellow female strippers.


Their Salary Can Range Upto $122,000 Per Year

Dancers make the most money when they are ovulating. This industry undoubtedly pays good money to strippers, as most of the people are ready to pay a good amount over girls who dance exotically. According to reports, strippers can easily earn around Rs 81 lakhs ($122,000) per year from their job of stripping.


Strippers Are Not Given Importance After They Turn 24 Years

As per a study, it was noted that strippers work until the age of 24 years, as they are replaced by young girls who have just entered womanhood.

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    Story first published: Monday, July 24, 2017, 12:45 [IST]
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