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Deep Dark Desires Revealed According To Zodiac Signs!

Zodiac signs reveal almost everything about our lives. Generally, zodiac signs are not merely a news-cluster of our fate, which is based on the planetary arrangements, but they also help reveal a great deal about our personality and who we are as a person.

Find out about the deepest desire of each zodiac sign in this article and know what your zodiac has to show. These are the desires that most of the people are afraid to share with the world, as they fear of being judged for their choices.

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Some of these desires die within the person, as they cannot express these emotions with the world. Take a look.



They're born leaders who dream big. They are the people who want to be the trend-setters and be in the limelight, leading the way for people rather than following others. They also love new frontiers and make things fun.



Their deepest desire is feeling the need of security and they are quite tenacious when it comes to getting this need met. This makes them look stubborn to the world. This gives a wrong impression of them to the others.

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One of the biggest desires of this zodiac sign is their want of wanderlust that is met by travelling and taking on new challenges head on. On the other side, they are very free from within and always protect their freedom.



They deeply desire to let their intuitive faculty go wild and free and gain much from it. They love to aim high and are dedicated and resilient enough. When they set their mind on something, they don't stop until they have gotten it. One cannot tie them down and they are very loyal as people, even though they are very shy and insecure and can be a bit sensitive.



Deepest desire of this zodiac is to get appreciation and being applauded for all that they do. This might make them moody at times if they do not get it. They also desire respect, and so go out of their way to earn it.



Their deepest desire is to be falling insanely in love and being loved back in return. Apart from this, they are hopeless romantics at heart and they have absolutely nothing that can shake their faith in love.



Their desire is clarity and balance. They always try to avoid any situation that can lead their mind into clouded thoughts or put them in an unclarity of a situation. When everything is at a perfect equilibrium, the Libra person is content.



They are the most ambitious people you will ever come across. Their deepest desire is to change the world, as they care a lot about the various social causes and they are also said to care deeply about what goes around them. Apart from this, they are very passionate and independent as well.



Their greatest desire is to build or create new things around them. They are passionate about the freedom for travel, adventure and to explore the unknown. Apart from this, they are the most free-spirited beings in the house.



They desire to be on the top, as they desire respect and admiration from their friends and loved ones. When they do not receive this admiration that they crave for, they become very moody and hard to handle.



Their desire is to always lead the way and become the path shower. They don't appreciate it when they are being shunned or when they have to blend in with people.



Their deepest desire is to be respected and revered for their arts and talents. The need to be respected is extreme and it can lead to discord with people around them, as they do not understand this aspect.

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    Story first published: Monday, July 24, 2017, 19:02 [IST]
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